We are a team of professionals working together to provide health care for the community. Our offices offer a variety of services that will improve the quality and timeframe of your healthcare.

Our Multidisciplinary Health Care Team



Our knowledgable and approachable family physicians work together to offer the best primary care to their patients and the community.


Dr. Colin Macpherson

Dr. Lori Moeck

Dr. Clarissa Sugeng

Dr. Akmal Muhammed Mushtaq

Dr. Fahamia Koudra

Dr. Rachelle Denis

Dr. Steven Uttley



Nurse practitioners (NP) work alongside your doctor to give you prompt assistance and advice.  An NP can diagnose common diseases, prescribe and administer medications and treatments as well as order diagnostic tests. 


Pamela Bart, NP

Kathy O'Connor, NP



Our interdisciplinary health care providers assist our physicians through chronic disease management, ongoing care programs and counselling services.


Lynn Connor, Dietitian

Connie Daiken, RN

Darlene Denis-Friske, Counsellor

Kristine Dewar, Counsellor 

Kathy Hummel, RT

Our team also encompasses a number of registered nurses, registered practical nurses and medical receptionists.

We often host residents and locum doctors as well.