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Dr. Hyjr Meziane Joining FHO

COVID Vaccine Booking Info

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Meziane will be taking over Dr. Macpherson’s practice, rostering all of his current patients


Dr. Meziane plans to join the team in early May, 2021, with plans to work closely with Dr. Macpherson during this transition of care. 


If you are a patient of Dr. Macpherson’s, rest assured you will be in good hands once again with no anticipated lapse of care.  We are extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Meziane to the Ottawa Valley!

To Register for Vaccination Appointments at a Mass Clinic near you, Please See Below:

***COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Registration Link*** 

Please note: Vaccine clinic dates and times are only available based on vaccine supply.

A) Eligible people who can book an appointment based on availability of vaccine

  • All residents and staff of congregate living facilities.

  • Long-Term Care and Retirement Home essential caregivers.

  • Indigenous residents (on or off reserve) who are 18 years of age and older.

  • Faith based leaders who, as part of their role, provide end of life care, care of the deceased, home visits to unwell persons, or pastoral care in LTC/RHs or other vulnerable settings.

  • People born in 1966 or earlier (55 years of age and older).

  • All health care workers.

  • Anyone receiving chronic home care that have been identified by home health care organizations. This group will receive a call notifying them that they are eligible and should book after receiving this call.

  • Education staff supporting students with complex special education needs.

  • Residents with the following high-risk health conditions and one essential caregiver for those in the high-risk health condition group:

    • Organ transplant recipients

    • Stem cell transplant recipients

    • Neurological diseases in which breathing function may be impacted (e.g., motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, acquired brain injury)

    • Haematological malignancy (acute lymphocytic (ALL), chronic lymphocytic (CLL), acute myeloid (AML), chronic myeloid (CML)), myeloma, and lymphoma (Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s (NHL))

    • Kidney disease eGFR< 30

    • Obesity (BMI > 40)

    • Treatments causing immunosuppression (e.g., chemotherapy, immunity- weakening medications such as long-term steroid treatment rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)

    • Intellectual or developmental disabilities (e.g., Down Syndrome)

    • and pregnancy – Please note partners of pregnant women are not eligible to book for vaccination as an essential caregiver. All individuals who are pregnant and had previously pre-registered under the “at-risk conditions” category, must re-register under the high-risk condition category”.  

  1. Child care workers in licensed child care settings.

  2. First responders providing medical responses.

  3. Residents 40 years of age and older in 2021 are eligible to book an appointment for the AstraZeneca vaccine at RCD’s public clinics in addition to participating pharmacies.

B) Eligible people who can pre-register only at this time

  1. Residents in the general population born between 1967 and 1971 (50 to 54 years of age).

  2. Residents with the following at-risk health conditions:

    • Immune deficiencies/autoimmune disorders

    • Stroke/cerebrovascular disease

    • Dementia

    • Diabetes

    • Liver disease

    • all other cancers

    • Respiratory diseases

    • Spleen problems (e.g., asplenia)

    • Heart disease

    • Hypertension with end organ damage

    • Diagnosis of mental disorder

    • Substance use disorders

    • Sickle Cell Disease

    • Thalassemia

    • Immunocompromising health conditions;

    • and other disabilities requiring direct support care in the community.

Please note: Assistance with transportation to COVID-19 vaccination appointments is available for seniors and adults with a disability who have no available transportation options. Follow this link to book transportation to your vaccination appointment.


More information can be found here: RCDHU.com

Alternatively, for a list of pharmacies near you also offering COVID vaccination, click here.

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Dr. Mushtaq Temporary Office Closure

Dr. Mushtaq's office will be closed from April 26th, 2021 to May 6th, 2021 due to illness.  Patients can still have their prescriptions sent from their pharmacies and they will be returned, however, all appointments will be rescheduled for some time after May 6th.  Reception will contact you to make this arrangement. 

If you are experiencing a situation that requires attention sooner than May 6th, please use the Renfrew County VTAC line at 1-844-727-6404 for 24/7 for access to a family physician or nurse practitioner.

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