About the West Champlain Family Health Team

The West Champlain Family Health Team (WC FHT) consists of a group of interdisciplinary health care providers and administrative staff who support family physicians of a Family Health Organization (FHO), working collaboratively to provide a broad spectrum of primary health care services to rostered patients of Pembroke and surrounding areas referred to as West Champlain.


You can learn more about our plans for the future in our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

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Governance Structure

The governance structure of the WC FHT is a mixed model consisting of 50% physicians and 50% community members.  The Board of Directors, provides governance through policy and strategic direction, and is made up of three members of the Family Health Organization (family physicians) and three community members.  Either an additional physician or community member holds the Chair position alternately for a two-year term.  In addition, a Clinical Advisory Group consisting of two physicians of the FHO and two Nurse Practitioners of the FHT provide advice on programs and services on a three-monthly basis.  The Clinical Advisory Group also oversees quality initiatives and related programs aimed at providing patient-centred care at all times.   The Executive Director represents the operational initiatives and interests of the WC FHT and attends all board meetings as secretary and non-voting member.

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