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To continue our standard of care, we encourage our patients be involved in their health care and be aware of all office policies.

A Message to Our Patients ...



All of our family doctors, nurse practitioners and health professionals see patients by appointment only. Please call to inquire and schedule your next visit.


Book follow up appointments as suggested by your doctor or health professional to ensure continuity of care.


If possible, please provide at least 24hrs notice to cancel an appointment, so we can book another patient and decrease wait times.



We have longer hours of operation on some evenings in case of urgent care needs. We book our urgent care clinics the day of service. Please call your physician's office to inquire as times may vary. This service is for West Champlain Family Health Team Patients Only and Appointments are Required. 


Please, do not visit walk-in clinics without first consulting us. By respecting this request, you can rest assured that your physician is always kept up to date on your recent health.


In case of an emergency health issue please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room or hospital.





When you are in need of a perscription renewal, please have your pharmacy

fax us a request and we will handle the rest. Please be aware of your ongoing perscriptions, as our timeframe for renewals is from one to two weeks.



We can not give results over the phone. If there are any concerns your practitioner's

office will contact you for an appointment or to reschedule. 



WCFHT is committed to responding to complaints about our services, staff and affiliated physicians, in a timely and respectful way. The document below outlines WCFHT's internal complaint procedure and can be downloaded and submitted by email to Claire at 


WCFHT Patient Complaint Form

WCFHT Complaint Policy

If you have any questions feel free to contact your physician's office by telephone. Contact information here.

Are You Looking for a 
Family Physician?


There are many options for patients without a current family physician. Please contact the waitlists below for more information.




Read about VTAC here


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